Chapter 8

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Hi everyone,
here Erapetsaf with finally completed chapter. Sorry for delay but wi-fi decided to not work. So I couldn't post it earlier. And on thursday ve were with Ayko on o trip, we returned in the evening and tired and yesterday wi-fi porblem. ENjoy reading and please, after reading, don't want to kill us.

"Good morning Sasuke," welcomed him Sakura nicely.
"Yeah. Good morning Sakura. Don't you know what happened last night?"
Sakura looked at him and didn't know to what Sasuke asks. She smiled and tried a small joke. She didn't want to tell him directly what happened yesterday. Unpleasantly surprised her that he remembers nothing.
"Try to remember."
"What do you think I am doing all the time," answered Sasuke.
"I don't know," Sakura didn't want to make it easier. "Don't you want to go to my house? I will give you some breakfast. Maybe you remember."
"Pf," blew Sasuke. "Well."
"When did you eat last time? You don't look like much good?" Sakura caught his hand bravely.
"I don't know exactly. Sometime after noon." Sasuke toughen their grip.
Sakura looked uncertainly at their clasped hands. She had heard the fuss of the others.
"Don't worry, they didn't manage to tell anything," calmed her Sauke.
"But what if yes? They'll be jealous," utter a sigh Sakura.
"Sakura and from what you have me here," Sasuke rubbed her wrist. "And if so, they will have to get over it. I wouldn't chose anyone else."
"Nor Ino?"
"No Sakura, nor Ino," shouted to her by mistake. "Sorry, it will be ok."
After short silence both went out. While Sasuke knew nothing yet about last night, but he didn't care. If something happened Sakura surely told him. Outside was that typical autumn weather. It was not so cold. Rather it was warm for it was already mentioned autumn. They went slowly to the end of the seat of Uchiha clan.
"Naruto, did you slept so good as us?" Sasuke asked Naruto who stood behind the column.
"Ehm, quite good yes. Thanks. But I'll go. I see that you have better company," Naruto answered to him walking from behind the column.
"You knew about him?" Sakura asked quietly.
"Of course I knew about him," smiled Sasuke. "My eyes see everything."
"But still," Naruto smirked, "Do you even have something to eat?"
"Yes, something will find," sponged off Sasuke to his past when he was used to eat anything.
"Well how you want," Naruto grinned. "I am leaving."
Naruto disappeared and Sakura again remained here with Sasuke. Sasuke began to walk so he forced Sakura to move to. After a while he had to stop because he realized that he wasn't going to be good leading person.
"Sasuke, you forgot where I live?" smiled Sakura next to him.
"Yeah, yeah. Yes I forgot," Sasuke unable to another sentence scratched his head.
"It doesn't matter but promise me that you will remember it."
"You know that yeah," Sasuke smiled to her.
"What everything said Naruto to you actually?" asked Sakura when they began walk again.
"So everything possible. It's about what you wanted to hear," Sasuke denied a bit.
"That what he told you about me and Rai," rusted him Sakura.
"Yeah, ah that," Sasuke remembered. "Well, I run into it."
"Or do you know what, rather don't tell me. We are here," Sakura stopped and how expected she ended up in Sasuke's arms.
"So here you live. Wait, you moved, didn't you," Sasuke nudged her.
"Yeah. About six months ago." Sakura deftly pulled away from his embrace. From somewhere she pulled out the keys and unlocked the door to her house. Although she lift alone, she lived in the house. She often had visitors who sometimes stayed overnight. It was then a smaller house better than her original very small flat. Downstairs was small hall, elegant kitchen connected with living room and two small rooms. Upstairs were another two rooms, Sakura's bedroom and bathroom. Meanwhile Sasuke went inside after Sakura. He stayed behind the doors where he wondered if stay or go in. Finally, he decided to go in. Of course, firstly he took off shoes; he didn't want to make footprints. He entered living room where he was immediately punched in the nose with a strong smell of blooming roses.
"They are too strong to you, aren't they," said Sakura and took roses from the table.
"Leave them here," said Sasuke and took roses into hands. "They smell nice."
"Well, but in order to not have headache," smiled Sakura and went into kitchen.
Good advantage that Sasuke had only to turn a little and could see her. He examined her house with Sharingan.
"You can go look around here," said Sakura and she stuck a knife into table. " I don't kill you behind your back."
"Ok. I just didn't want to be impolite. I could take it too," Sasuke stuck out his tongue on her. "And I know that you wouldn't kill me. Because you have too big weakness for me.
"Being you, I I'm not so sure Sasuke. But do not dare to enter the second room on the left. After that I won't have a weakness for you," warned him Sakura while she poured water into kettle.
"Well, I'll be careful," answered her Sasuke from distance.
At some places he thought who that actually made the arrangements for a house. Sasuke had too much good taste to keep his normal face when he saw that patchwork of colours. But always he quickly disappeared from there. He stayed at bathroom for a while. She had there nice light blue tiles. When he finally forced himself to get out of the bathroom, curiosity didn't give him and he went to look in the second room on the left. He slowly opened the door and initially slightly peered into the room. Although he said he will be careful. But he did not add to what. That was advantage for him. He looked around himself and quickly slipped inside the room.
'Pink. That I didn't thought,' said Sasuke to himself.
Carefully, not to be heard, he leaned against the door. He looked around the room. It was quite small but at the same time pretty nice. With a grin he pulled away from the door. He walked a bit to Sakura's bed. At first he had the urge to lie down into the most beautifully made up scented blankets, but changed his mind. Surely he wouldn't made it up as it was and Sakura would recognise it. Maybe she probably recognizes that he was there. But so what. She was at him too. Suddenly he had to stagnate. He heard knocking from downstairs. Sasuke quickly slipped from the room. It totally made spots dancing before his eyes. He recognized to whom the voice belong. He saw the silhouette of the figure. He was clear at who it is. Sakura's words just confirmed it to him.
"Ino, but I am saying that Rai isn't here."
"Sakura, so where he is?" Ino urged to her.
"He really isn't here. He left yesterday night. He'll never come back," Sasuke poked to her when he took courage and went down.
"S, s, sa, s, s, ke?" Ino stammered barely.
"Ino, hello. I haven't seen you for a long time. You changed nicely," Sasuke smiled to her distraction.
"W, w, what, a, a, are you doing here?" she still wasn't capable of creating clear sentence.
"I returned into the village. But I am here two days already. It is strange that you didn't hear about it," Sasuke moved to her closely.
"No, didn't hear. And go away from me," voiced Ino normally and pushed Sasuke away.
"Yeah, I am coming away from you," said Sasuke who flattered himself to Sakura.
"Ino, did you want anything else except Rai?" Sakura wanted to end their badly started discussion.
"Eh, no. Nothing more," said Ino and turned to leave.
"Wait, Ino," stopped her Sasuke. "Yet you aren't angry at me. I am a good boy."
"Very nice," answered In and twitched with Sasuke's hand. "Release me, damn."
"I am not holding you," Sasuke laughed and when Ino twitched again with his hand, he released her.
"So I am going. Bye," Ino hummed and left with the slammed door.
"What now?" asked Sasuke disappointedly.
"You need to have a breakfast or you are hazarding with your life," Sakura pulled with his arm with answer.
"My health is so damaged that I cannot hazard with it," laughed Sasuke again.
"I'll show you that you cannot," Sakura tore him to the ground. "When you want everything goes."
"Actually you are right," Sasuke confessed and pulled Sakura to him. "Until you tell me what happened yesterday, I don't let you go."
"Sasuke, nothing happened," Sakura smiled but she hasn't tried anything.
"Don't lie," he saw i lie in her eyes, "you know that I will recognize it."
"Seriously you want to know what happened yesterday. Why we woke up next to each other in the morning?
"Yeah, I want to know it," Sasuke drew her even closer.
"We kissed than you babbled and left. You haven' returned for a long time, so I went to look where you are. I have gone through the all down part f the house, but you weren't there anywhere. I carefully walked up. It was dark there. A had nothing to glow with. Just your not lighten candle so I went back down."
Sasuke interrupted her with kiss. "I think I don't need to know."
"Get up, you really have to have a breakfast," Sakura got up to her feet easily, but with Sasuke it was worse. "You are so weak that you could barely alive."
"But still alive," Sasuke got up to his feet with given hand.
"Well and how long?" Sakura laughed.
"Eighteen years, four months and three days," Sasuke knew to what she is referring but he learned to make fun of everything.
"What? That's not even possible," Sakura smiled. "So you surely don't know how old I am."
"Eighteen years, seven months and twenty two days," Sasuke whispered it to her ear. Even though he was several years at that pervert Orochimaru, he knew something about politeness to girls. He knew that it doesn't speak loudly about their age. Sasuke was despite all the horrors educated. Although he though he never saw his friends, he hoped into it. And it happened. First he met Naruto; boy he hated. Another who saw was Gaara; Kazekage, jinchuuriki as well as Naruto. Then they returned into Konoha, when he forgot Izuma and Kotetsu, next he saw Tsunade; strong, beautiful Hokage. And then it went farther. Sasuke didn't want to think to nasty past. To his anger to village. Terribly it annoyed him that he wanted to kill Itachi back then. Now he never see him again. He is dead and Sasuke can't do anything with it. He even doesn't know where his grave is. Thus if he has any grave. In fact he didn't even know if he doesn't survive that attack. But attack that Sasuke used was much stronger than Chidori which Sasuke handled perfectly. It was deadly attack which survive only one percent of hit person. But there was that one percent. That percent could mean that Itachi survived his attack. And in that one percent he secretly hoped. Although he hated Itachi for his betrayal, but he would like to talk with him again. Now he wanted to talk with him in calm. He wanted it all somehow rationally discuss. As man with man and not like beast with beast. He didn't want a fight. He wanted calm discussion which he could ended by handshake with Itachi. He didn't want to kill anyone. He didn't want to relive the pain as he had. Now he just wanted to be happy. He wanted to be with Sakura although he knew that it will not be so easy. Quite surprised him that he became closer to Sakura so quickly. Certainly when he "scared off" Rai. When he was talking with him last time, he told him that it isn't because of him, but Sasuke knew that partly yes. Rai was leaving when THAT incident happened. It destroyed Sasuke's clear conscience. He decided. He must find Rai again. And do it now. He returned back to reality to smiling Sakura.
"Sorry Sakura," Sasuke dropped her hand and flinched. "I have to leave."
"Sasuke not," Sakura grew sad. "Don't leave."
"I have to leave. I am just a burden here," Sasuke used his snake and put Sakura to sleep with poison.
"Don't leave," whispered drugged Sakura and fall into Sasuke's prepared hands.
Sasuke took her to her room and left few snakes there with her when he left. He went just downstairs. Hi didn't want to leave yet. He had to make sure that Sakura is fine. And he finds it at least half an hour so he will need to stay for a moment at Sakura. He continued from stairs into the kitchen.
"She is perfect," Sasuke considered when he saw what she was doing there. "Toast with tomatoes. I adored those when I was a child."
"But the end of the dreaming. Past is past and there is nothing good on it. End, end. Enough remembrance," Sasuke took glass of water end went upstairs. He even didn't know why he did it. Why he actually hurt her like that again. Yet he could leave in peace. Instead of that he hurt Sakura and is staying here. He smiled and went into her room. She was so cute when she was sleeping. Sasuke shook. Down his back ran chilling wind. He had a bad feeling that something happened.
"What now? What if something happened to Naruto or Rai," Sasuke worried.
"Sakura," cried out Sasuke and dropped glass when he noticed that Sakura isn't breathing. "I'd kill myself. Well, yeah. C'mon, calm."
Sasuke carefully took Sakura into his arms and although he originally hadn't this in plan, he rushed with her into the hospital. He had to think again about why he actually did it. He could leave in peace. But knew again that Sakura wouldn't just let him go.He didn't know why he used that dose of poison. This dose which he used is deadly for normal person. But Sasuke knew that Sakura is strong. Now he began to pray that he alone survived it.
"Please, help me!" shouted Sasuke when he fall into hospital.
"Sasuke. What happened?" Sasuke recognised voice of Tsunade.
"I had to put her to sleep. She didn't want to let me go so I used snake poison to her. It shouldn't have such effect." Sasuke let it out of himself in one breath.
"Snake poison? Sasuke, are you normal? Which dosage it was?" yelled Tsunade and rampaged after Sasuke who knows where.
"Yeah, I don't know exactly. About 2 ml," Sasuke was aware of danger.
"Two millilitres? Sasuke, it could kill her!" Tsunade shouted to him and opened the door into surgery.
"Quickly, three vials AB positive and three percent levy of nesno. Now! Otherwise she die!" Tsunade shouted at two nurses.
"Immediately," answered her and left.
"Do you have antidote?" asked Tsunade Sasuke. "She is still alive."
"Antidote. That I hadn't thought about it," Sasuke turned with a slap across the forehead. "I'll bring it as soon as possible."
Sasuke quickly ran out of the hospital. He was coming back home quickly. He scampered as it was going about his life. Actually, it's going about his life. Because if Sakura doesn't survive, so that he would not survive it. He ran quickly rather because he cared much for Sakura. Dark. Darkness all around his apartment.
"Kai," said Sasuke by low voice. Dark spread out and ahead Sasuke saw a person.
"My god!" shouted Sasuke after few seconds of death. "You were owed me by the devil."
"But Sas."
"You have to wait," Sasuke pushed aside that person. "I must bring antidote to Tsunade."
"What do you think about yourself?" shouted behind him mentioned person.
"About me? That I am pretty idiot," person heard a quiet answer from a distance. "And about you, that you will have to wait for a while brother. I'll be right back. Make yourself comfortable."
"Brother? He said me brother?" asked Itachi rather himself because Sasuke was already gone.
Sasuke was again returning into hospital. He had no clue what would happen next. He just knew that Sakura can't die. He just concentrate on the road ahead. From his eyes shed tears. It wasn't tears of sadness or guilt. It was tears from how wind was blowing into his eyes. Sasuke neither realized how fast he is running till he hit into some ninja who ran from around the corner. He just vaguely apologized to him and ran away again. Not that he looked if anything happened to him or who he was. He just kept going and even more accelerated. In the reflection of the window at the opposite hut he saw someone running behind him. According to appearance and facial expression decided that it will probably be the ninja to who had just crashed. He refused to stop. Just concentrated chakra and jumped onto the roof of the house in front of him. He thought that pursuing ninja isn't going to surrender or so. But Sasuke didn't care. He didn't know if he is going to him. Perhaps he too was going to the hospital... This possibility however Sasuke quickly eliminated. He just want to talk it out with me.... Figured Sasuke after while. At the moment he turned and just happened crashed into a pole.
"Into, au, you, s, well enough," Sasuke wiped bleeding wound and ran again.
Finally he ran to the hospital. There he wasn't expecting very nice welcome. When he run into surgery, he saw crowd of people who were standing assembly around the bed. All were crying and whimpering. Everyone glared badly at Sasuke. He just looked around the room and searched for Tsunade. She was just standing in the corner and doesn't look too good. One hand was loosely based on the body, the other hand clenched in a fist which was at the lower jaw. Her face was still wet from tears but they were already gone. Suddenly she woke up from her thoughts and looked at Sasuke. Her gaze was so empty. It was impossible to read anything from it. Sasuke's eyes widened when he realized that all of this is necessary because of Sakura. Tsunade came away from the wall on which she was leaning and began walking. She walked past Sasuke and with a few vague words barely audible pulled him out.
"Do you have that antidote?" asked him quietly with averted glance.
"Here. Three vials. I don't have more. One vial should suffice to four dosages. Just one and half millilitres for slowing down the poison," Sasuke gave her three vials. He also missed her reluctantly with glance.
"Tsunade, what's happening? Asked Sasuke in fear, but no response was received. "Tsunade, what's happening?"
Tsunade just shook her head and left. But once she was hid by the wall corner, she ran to the nurses' station. When she pushed open the door to the nurses, she saw two nurses bowing over Sakura's unconscious body.
"I have the antidote. One and half millilitres should be enough for now," Tsunade shaken the bottle and into given injection pulled one and half millilitres of that white liquid.

With quiet apology with pained undertone Tsunade stabbed the injection into Sakura's heart. Nurses howled for Sakura's pain. It also certainly hurt Sakura, but when she was unconscious, she didn't make any sound. Her heart began beating strongly. As if to leap out of her chest and run away very far. But it was beating strongly. Pretty strong and regular rhythm. So many things suggest that she survives. Antidote worked effectively. Poison was retreating into seclusion.

So that is all for now and I don't know when the next chapter appear here, but I hope it will be soon.

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