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4. ledna 2016 v 20:56 | Erapetsaf
Short informational text about my translation.

Hi everyone,
I would like to appologise that there probably would be no new chapter in two weeks. I am at Higher vocational school at second year and right now we have exam period. There is a lot of exam before me and I have to pass it to get into second hlaf of the school year. I will have to study so I am worried that I won't have much ime for translation. I'll try do some work, but I can't promise anything. If I'll do them I will have a lot of time for two weeks until my school placement begin.
Thanks for understanding.


1 JaM JaM | 11. ledna 2016 v 19:13 | Reagovat

Hello, thank you very much. Really hard work, without irony! Just learn, it is important. :) I'll wait. I hope for me too nedřeš. I hate bothering you. I wish you good luck in exams. Sorry that I have not heard from him for so long, but it did not go my blog. Apparently some mistake :) Maybe okay: D Thanks again and good luck.

2 Erapetsaf Erapetsaf | 16. ledna 2016 v 19:38 | Reagovat

Hi, thanks a lot for wishing me good luck. I didn't managed to pass two exams so I will heáve to repeat them soon. But I don't know when. YOU REALY AREN'T BOTHERING ME WITH TRANSLATION! If I wouldn't want to do it I didn't. I'll see how I wiil be with time and try to add chapter to the end of January. Thanks again.

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