Summary Chapter 7

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Sorry for delay, here it is.

Chapter 7
Sasuke has long been trying to find Rai, until Rai finally reveals himself. They are arguing between themselves before Naruto interrupt them. And to make matters worse Sakura comes. Rai then decides that he retreat again and disappear with Naruto. Sasuke slightly panic when he is left alone with Sakura so he is leaving with a story about broken gas. However, would not it be if it didn't changed into truth and this gas really wasn't working. With its mountain curses he went for Tsunade so she's told and ask her for advice to what to do. On the way he thinks about Sakura but in a look to the future not see exactly in bright colour and he decides to add to the pace. Original plan jump into Tsunade office left disappear and he rather preferred the way that was safer. Tsunade announces him straight in the door that if he has a problem with the gas and he can go straight, but soon after Sasuke turns to really leave, she stagger him. She discuss with him situation about areal nonfunctional gas when Sakura enters the room. She just mindlessly gives papers to Tsunade and leaves. She doesn't pay a glance to Sasuke. But then she turned and smile. Sasuke thinks that the smile was meant for him but then he realized that it was for someone different. For some shrouded ninja who appeared before minute at the window. He discuss with Tsunade papers about his leave from village and she even isn't angry that person is coming unannounced and even by window. After emotional farewell ninja disappears through window again. Tsunade give Sasuke papers to sign about that gas. Sasuke had in plan to go home after this but when he get to know who actually it was he apologize and run quickly through Konoha. Already he was about to give up when he saw him.
"Rai, wait!" he shouted to him.
"Fuck you Sasuke," he shouted back to him.
"Damn, wait!"
"What do you want for God?" finally stopped Rai.
"You to go back," Sasuke stopped and was glad that he doesn't have to solve it during run.
"But I can't Sasuke. And it isn't because of you. You know, my origin is at Village Hidden by Rocks where I want to live again. I came to Konoha so I could learn something more about my clan and past. And you know, Tsunade was explaining me this. I learned a lot of good things from her," Rai spat at him on one breath.
"So you aren't leaving because of me?" asked Sasuke and he began playing with clay by feet.
"Oh my God, how you could think about it. Of course not," answered Rai and placed his hand onto his shoulder. "We have been discussing about this for a long time ant Tsunade promised that she speed it up and she did. Actually I am glad that you have returned."
"Just last question. Why are you grateful to me?" asked Sasuke and also placed hand onto shoulder.
"I am sure that Sak will be in safe with a nice guy, old friend, will be happy with him and will have beautiful small family," inflamed Rai.
"Okay, I promise to my life, that I will protect her. Have there nicely and don't forget to return someday."
Rai just nodded and he ran away again. Sasuke watched him for a while but then he decides to return back to Konoha. Even at the gateway he can handle minor prank, but then he takes the fastest way home. He wants to get to bed as soon as possible but when he come closer to his house he realize that he has a visit. He quietly climbed onto the roof and run across to his house where he gets inside through open window. He quickly wets his hair in the bathroom and instead of wear he wraps towel around his waist. He still through his hair and open the door so he could welcome his company. Sakura is surprised that Sasuke knem about her, but she kept it from Sasuke. First, she is a little scared when she is alone at Sasuke presence and it gets a little but worse when Sasuke locked door behind her back. After a moment is atmosphere scattered and everything is quite good. Sasuke and Sakura moves into one of the rooms where Sasuke then bring a candle because the bulb breaks. When Sasuke finally gets from Sakura that she loves him, nothing shall prevent the love in full progress. (Without comment)


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: O Wow, a short chapter? But thank Erapetsaf. The translation is perfect. Plus, I do not have it translated and it's easier. Rai leaving? : O It is due to Sasuke? I hate him! I hope Sakura will not end with him, with that bastard. Thank you for another great chapter. And now the sixth part: very very short chapter, but never mind, there is a written summary, so that's probably about it, to make it short, a pity it was not longer. But the celebration with old women: D according to what the name or the name of it? Hokage drunken to illness, is it going? Nevertheless, it Hokage! : D but fine. And Itachi: About one surprised me too. I hope that somewhere along the way he killed.
That's about all. Thank you, thank you very much.

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Hi, thanks for replay. Now I am working on another full chapter, maybe it could be here today. I'm not sure if you would like the progres of this story. Hope to find your coment under next chapter.

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