Summary chapter 6

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Hi everyone,
I am finally back with summary. Sorry for long pause, but I have a lot of work. Soplease enjoy. I will try to add next chapter till the end of this week.

After short explanations all went into the pub "At Old hag" where it have been the majority of Naruto friends and their sensei's weren't missing too. When they wanted to began celebrate a lot and made a toast, a wind raised and in a swirl of dust appeared Gaara, Kankuro, Temari and Tsunade too. And proper celebration began. They celebrated until late into the morning. But some couples went away around eleven hour in the evening. Entirely drunk Tsunade promised that she pay everything. Rock Lee was still running through the village at four in the morning. In that time Naruto, Hinata and the rest of normal people were sleeping. At home or in the pub. When sun was showing that is half past ten, everyone who celebrated started to wake up slowly. Among the first slept was Neji and TenTen whose left the celebration quite early. Naruto with Hin woke up quite late, but surely not last. In the pub At Old hag few persons were still lying on the ground, because they took much alcohol. In the end all is returning into old Konoha tracks around noon and all ninjas including Tsunade are on their feet. Before Tsunade leave she pays part of what they drunk and go into her office. But immediately after opening awaits her the big shock. Onto her table are sitting two ANBU as if nothing had happened.
"Hoooookage sama," extended greetings one of them.
"What do you want here?" asked Tsunade.
"We want to inform you that we received a rare visit meanwhile you were celebrating," answered second ANBU.
"Fuck, don't shit me!" shouted Tsunade to them.
"Ok, we have Uchiha Itachi," answered again the first.
"U-u-uchiha Itachi," asked Tsunade again for being sure.
"Yes, Uchiha Itachi. We found him how he is wondering around Uchiha manor." Now it was the second one who was answering.
"Moment, moment, moment, moment," still repeated Tsunade and searched into files.
"Clearly, we have a lot of time, " answered both.

Both of them than appeared into ANBU headquarter to captain to inform him, that Hokage wants to take over Itachi. But they aren't welcomed nicely when captain through a kunai onto one of them. They inform him that they are taking Itachi and after their dismiss they are going away. When they get Itachi to Tsunade, they are quickly sent out from there. Tsunade tries to get a lot of information from Itachi. In the end Itachi talk and tells Tsunade a lot of things. In the end of conversation they hug friendly and Itachi leaves with promise that he will return. With promise he turned on the Hogake monument to. He runs away, into the depth of forest. He knew that if someone from Konoha sees him, he is dead. But after a while he bumped into the group of Konoha's ANBU. Although he thought that they didn't saw him the opposite was true. After a short chase he is caught by Yamato and goes again into Konoha. Maybe in a while they were at a captain. They were their heads down all the time. Captain ordered to three ANBU from Yamato group to take Itachi out and guard him. Yamato wanted to protest, but captain interrupted him. Immediately after disappearing ANBU with Itachi, he fired on him how he is acted recently and that the results of his group are absolutely awful. He was very outraged, shouted that this decrease never experienced in his life. In the end he informed him that the best thing will be when he leaves ANBU. But he allowed him to say good bye with people into night training. That it is the only chance how to see them for last. Yamato moves to his house and falls asleep in the first occasion. When Yamato wake up, he doesn't look onto clock which would him that the end of training is approaching, now his previous group. He is woken by slight pop in his house. It is Sai, but instead of explaining why he didn't come, he moves directly into training place. Here he meets again angry captain, but he talks to his team. Statement, that he is leaving, hit everyone. He was a very good leader for all of them. Cruel and harsh, but good. Finally he says good bye quickly to pretend the conflicts. Mainly to be away soon. He could never have imagined this moment and he wasn't prepared for this moment. When he gave his things to captain he disappeared. He stayed for a while on the head of first Hokage and watched ANBU seat, but he turned and disappeared into an unknown place. And he didn't saw what did Sai, Shibara, Yokury, his best. Already a few hours ago are still in the hall council held Hokage election, where the title was finally left to Tsunade. After the council, Naruto and Sasuke went into Ichiraku to regenerate their body after long period of sitting. All was and looked good until the moment when Sakura came. After short resistance she didn't managed to control her feelings and kissed Sasuke. Maybe it would be good if it wasn't seen by someone very close to her... her boyfriend. But even before something could happened Naruto intervened and moved with Rai (her boyfriend) away. After moment both returned with calm head. They talked together for a while, but really just a while. Rai gave up another next conversation a leaved without saying goodbye followed by Naruto. Sasuke was a little bit shocked. He didn't want to do something bad. Well perhaps he wanted but why he is feeling so bad now? Why? Finally he runs away from Ichiraku to find Naruto and Rai.


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gomen že to píšu sem

Ahoj máš ráda anime naruto?Vždycky by ses chtěl/a přesunout do onoho světa?U mě je ta možnost :) můžeš být klaďas nebo záporák z Akatsuki :) mrkni se a určitě se zaregistruj

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