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Hi everyone, here Erapetsaf with the second part of summary. Sorry for big delay, but I had a lot of work. So enjoy this part and I hope I will add next part soon.

Chapter 4
After Naruto begins to recover, he begins to feel the pain of how Sasuke shakes with him and doesn't perceive his injuries. Both subsequently assure what actually happen and they realise that Kankuro is gone. For a while they argue about who from Suna would use water release on them before they agreed that it actually may not be ninja from Suna but Akatsuki, because of whose actually came. After unique appearance of all present representative of Akatsuki, broke out little hassle which Sasuke stopped in time and give Naruto recommendation to let Akatsuki everything explain. Meanwhile returned Kankuro to them and Zetsu appeared too. Naruto had a plan all time, but he didn't know how it realises. So he released Kyubi to "also" manifest. After that he sent him like back to his mind. In fact Kyubi just quickly hide into the bush behind Akatsuki. Suddenly there was silence. Sand, which was flying there, suddenly stopped. Wind stopped blowing. It was strange silence. Silence like before the storm. All drew together. No one, except Naruto, knows what come. All have fear. Naruto whispered Sasuke just now. Sasuke had no idea what Naruto meant by it, and just looked at him blankly when he clamped his wrist. Suddenly from the bushes behind Akatsuki emerged Kyubi and shouted "Boo you cocoscy!" (Czech joke, its type of Christmas confectionery made from coconut). Sasuke wanted to run, but Naruto's clamp avoided it to him. Deidara blew himself by his clay somewhere to nowhere, Kisame blew himself again with water flow, Sasori for this time closed himself into Karasu and Zetsu changed into black cactus with red clouds. (There is going about joke used between ff authors.)
Naruto with Sasuke quickly rushed and during way jumped onto Kyubi which again shrink into the form of bigger fox. Sasuke still calmed his beating heart which almost blasted him out of neck when Kyubi emerged from that bush. Naruto was also scared enough and he knew about Kyubi. On the way back they wanted to pick up Kankuro, but they met him nowhere. Naruto just considered that he run so fast that he could burst through south gate. After a moment of flash drive on Kyubi abruptly stopped. Both jumped down from Kyubi and went to the village. But Sasuke didn't want. Naruto after momentary balance sheet allowed Kyubi to go with them to the village. Although he has shrunk but guards on gate were still worried. After while Gaara appears there, consults with Naruto situation about attacker, but also about that Kyubi is again in the village. Finally they solve it with friendly wave of their hands and sweep everything under the carpet. Gaara still offers truce to Sasuke and if he would need help in any situation. Both then get ordered to acclaim all goes back to Konoha.
Gaara is still a long time on a gate and watch them until he lost them from view. Gaara gives orders also on a gate. All guards have to take a vacation and replace with other guards so that they also are well rested and see their family. It all takes a time to take his words on mind, but then no one delay and set off home. At the gate remains one ninja who just idly stars ahead. Gaara is asking him, but a man reacts up to several questions. Gaara ask so long until ninja confides him with his problem about his hurt daughter and that doctors don't want to hospitalize her. Both quickly run to his house. When Gaara see the girl immediately decides that she has to into hospital. He grabs injured girl and after short talk he moves with her directly into hospital. After a moment of silence when anyone disregards Gaara, one doctor takes a girl and disappears with her inside one of the ordinations. After while Gaara go inside and immediately asks about her health condition. But doctor doesn't come with good news. Gaara return back into corridor where already are her parents. They want to know how she is on it and so he has no choice than quote doctor. He sits with them long and long hours. Afternoon soon passed over evening, evening over night, until it was half past six in the morning of next day, when finally doctor came out. But even after such long hours he have to say that the girl' condition is very critical and the next 48 hours decide. Gaara go with family to his office, where he'll provide them a coffee and something to eat. With the man still discuss a few things and asks him about man in the portrait. They sit there for about an hour when messenger storms into Gaara office with the message.
Chapter 5
Ninja with message burst into Kazekage office. In a first moment is Gaara little confused but he get a call to all who were on guard near main gate yesterday. Sasuke's katana is missing which Gaara really needs to return it back to Sasuke. Katana is found almost immediately at one of the guard. After that Gaara sends all back to home and please his visit to go move to his house that he need to take care of urgent things. So everyone move and Gaara takes the path. He prohibits guards to follow him and as quickly as possible issue towards Konoha. After a while he finds the destination but doesn't find anyone there. Sasuke in the form of attacker tries to scare Gaara, but he recognizes his voice. However Sasuke continues and under the influence of small genjutsu show to him massacred Naruto. Gaara doesn't want to believe it and wonder of the collapse. However Naruto strikes and stops all situations. Gaara above it just shakes his head and passes them Sasuke's katana and some food that he takes them. However after that he says goodbye in order to solve other Kage obligations. Two days later Naruto and Sasuke are approaching to Konoha. They are spotted at a great distance and scared guards immediately call Hokage. She is terrified of it as guards and leaves her office in the speed of light.
Sasuke isn't sure with his return twice sure and especially is afraid of this that Tsunade will send him back. Naruto calms him that he would not allow it. When they finally come to the gate, Naruto wants to take a word and try to get situation on a calm wave, but Tsunade leads and invite them to arrive at the council of twelve clans for two hours. Sasuke stands there and doesn't understand. Naruto yes and runs into the village. At Sasuke's later prompt to stop doesn't respond and disappears in a flash of light. So Sasuke starts to run to his old house, where Naruto however doesn't live. After a while laughing Naruto picks him up and moves with him into the house of Namikaze clan leader. In the speed he explains him everything, but after that he goes into shower. Before he entirely leaves, he manages to put a bug into Sasuke's head in the form, that he owns the entire Uchiha mansion. Sasuke could possibly been long lost in his thought but Naruto disturbs him that he could also take a shower. After very quick shower he gets a cloak from Naruto to not be so noticeable at first look. After that they quickly relocate to the council. At first Naruto chose a bad hall, but on the second time is the good one. Tsunade orders them to stay out until she calls them inside. Meanwhile Tsunade talked with persons inside and explained them mainly to keep calm. Finally she told Sasuke and Naruto to come in. Naruto reveals himself almost immediately, but Sasuke doesn't want that much. He came up with the version of the allocated accompaniment from Suna and wanted to leave. But Naruto didn't like tit and pulled of literally cowl from Sasuke. However, this provoked a wave of fights and the room was filled with the sound of whooshing of kunais and shurikens. Naruto helps Sasuke reflect weapons so-so, but it doesn't end. Naruto decides to act of desperation and calls Kyubi. Everyone suddenly stop and nobody dares to do a single move. Tsunade forces everyone to sit and then Naruto withdraws Kyubi on her wish. Council continue and all are arguing. With what one doesn't agree the second does and on the contrary. Tsunade had it up to her neck, Naruto had got bored in the middle, Sasuke was wandering what he was soaked in and the others continued arguing. Council was lasting for three hours. Meanwhile anyone in the village didn't know what is happening inside. After next three hours Tsunade finally decides to present her carefully tarred and sophisticated suggestion. That is that Sasuke stays in the village, he will have Uchiha clan to care, to appeal he will do given missions for free according to which it will be assigned rank and that for this time he will be ranked as Genin. However with that Sasuke somewhat disagree, but he is grounded from Tsunade and so he prefer to stay quiet. In the end of the council of 12 clans Tsunade announce, that tomorrow will take place council for Hokage electing. All quickly go away in the lead with Sasuke and Naruto, who goes into Uchiha clan. Mansion was into enough weird condition. Something looked good, something terrible. Sasuke deliberately avoided his birth house, but finally broke through with Naruto and was shocked. Naruto was just smiling. Sasuke's house, it was perhaps the first thing what he let to renovate. Nothing was suggesting to what happened here before years. Probably for this reason Naruto wanted that. In the corner of his soul believed that Sasuke once return and finally it happened. Finally he returned. Suddenly he realized that he is already here so long and he hasn't seen Hin yet, his sweetheart. He gabbled something like apologize to Sasuke and disappeared in the flash.
He moved directly into mansion and went directly to Hyuga sama. Initially he wanted directly enter, but in the end when he heard voices then he changed his mind and rather knocked. As if the Hyuga sama know about him perhaps week ahead, he urged him in. Naruto was shocked and his shocking grown in the moment when he saw Hinata. She was pale, untreated and mainly she has a belly. He quickly reached them and helped Hinata to stand up to hug her. However he still didn't understand what was happening. He asks Hinata, but she was unable to comment, so he turns on Hyuga sama. He explains him everything with relative calm and the shock from news send Naruto into unconscious. After being discussed without any word he goes away. He relocates directly at Sasuke's house. At first Naruto isn't over the shock able to understand Sasuke's words, but when everything comes to his mind, he disappears with joy. But now he doesn't relocates but is running. Literally he flies around the gate and doesn't take to heart that hi behaviour is reckless. But he is suddenly stopped by Neji if he doesn't know what happened with Hyuga sama, that he somewhere imprisons Hinata and other ninjas. Naruto replies that he normally spoke to them and continue on his way, but now slowly. He walked into the room without knocking and began his apology but when he notice, that there is nobody there he sheepishly backed out of the door. But there is nailed by same masked men and before he could do anything they disappear with him. They appeared in a dark room where they knocked him to the ground and disappeared. Naruto was a bit disoriented because of the dark around him. He pulled out a lighter and wanted to strike, but nothing, no visible spark. He also tried a concentration of chakra from Kyubi, but also nothing. Suddenly Naruto hears a voice. Voice, that is calling him close. Indeed Naruto doesn't know whom it is and where the voice is located. He stood up and tried to go after voice, but then voice quietens down and he felt, how the ground disappeared under his leg. He hit the ground hard. After he recovers a little he hears the voice next to him. Now he recognized that it's girls' voice. Naruto finally managed to ask who the person is and person sadly began to respond but then suddenly the ceiling began to tear. Although Naruto still didn't know who that girl is, he didn't wait for anything and begins to cover her with his body. Although he didn't know whom he is protecting right know, given person knew that surely well and kissed Naruto. He kissed her several times before he levelled two and two together and replied that he can't do this and quickly let the person. He argued that he has beautiful girlfriend and that she will have a baby and he loves her pretty much. Suddenly all stopped, light appeared in the room and Naruto firstly saw a person whom he was kissing, hugging and protecting. He looked around. There was no indication of what Naruto had just experienced. He squinted into distance where he blurry saw a figure. When he opened his eyes again, directly above him was leaning Hyuga sama. He helped him to his feet and then he explained him the whole situation.



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Ooh, thank you very much. I'm still waiting for an answer Ayko, you do not know what it is? He did not answer for a long time even for a single email I sent her. Just a short week ago, he said that I would have to give up time. Famously wrote it and I still do not know if the blog to show friends. Please least you an answer. I realy like your blog. Thanks in advance JaM.

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Hi JaM. Ayko is little bit busy so she didn't had time to write you. She is packing her things into students accomodation. So please give her a time. And to your question you asked in email and you are asking here. Of course, you can show this blog to your friends. We will be glad to have new readers. Now I'm working on translation, but I don't know when I will post it, because the school starts and I don't know how much I will have. Thanks for reading.

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