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So hello. I am here with the first part of summary. I would like to apologize taht I am posting just 3 chapters when I promised 5, but I didn't have enough time. The rest will be posted maximally till the end week.

Chapter 1

Naruto leaves to "mission" to Suna. Hinata tries to explain him that she is pregnant, but he doesn't listen to her and leaves. On his way he meets with Sasuke in his fire camp, they reconcile and decide for common path. Hinata argues with her father who subsequently recognizes her out.

Chapter 2
After Naruto violent awakening, when he spilled by water from Sasuke, they pack campground together so that they swept all traces of their staying. Meanwhile in Konoha rules big fuss. Tsunade is in a big stress from all situations and her anger not avoids ANBU with important mission. After few minutes later, angry Tsunade is starting to calm by paperwork. Meanwhile Naruto negotiate with Kyubi that in case of need he will ensure them possible protection and helped them with faster transport to Suna. After short quarrel Kyubi finally agree and they can go.

When Naruto and Sasuke are 3 kilometres from Suna, they are noticed by Suna guards, whose suspects them as a thread and calls Kazekage for help. He unexpectedly comes and occur slightly embarrassing situation, when he accidently gets nickname of Ox. With helpfulness he passes it and gives order to continue watching approaching figures and mainly not to begin any fight. When they approach to half kilometre, they have to call him back to the gate.

Chapter 3
Sasuke with Naruto are approaching. Ninja calls Gaara but when he arrives to gate, they are much closer than his required distance. After small reprimand is Gaara approaching to foreigners. Naruto tries to welcome with Gaara, but Gaara's armour of sand stop him.
"Who are you? And what do you want here?" asked Gaara peevishly.
"Gaara, friend, you don't recognise me?" asked Naruto with embarrassment.
"Naruto, is that you?"
"Yes. We really have not seen each other for so long?
"Sorry, but you have changed a lot. You seem..."
Naruto interrupted him, "Minato. It's something similar to what he wore."
"And you Sasuke, what do you want here?"
"I? Well, I came with Naruto. My past is finally solved," answered with icy calm.
"Really? And should I believe it to you?" asked Gaara.
"No, you don't have to, but it would be good if yes." answered Sasuke.
Gaara removes his armour of sand and welcomes with Naruto their usual way. But then they are strangely watching at each other and Sasuke's any attempts about rupturing their trance don't work. He gives it up and part to the village. Sasuke is immediately seen and attacked. Naruto recovers and spurs to help Sasuke. But he is also captured. Both are trying to escape from capture but after while they give it up. In that moment Gaara recovers a he comes to the place of fight. He yells to all and orders them to let the unknown strangers go. After while they are going to the village, during the way they destroy clone of Zetsu. During the way they are attacked again and Gaara sees red again. Sasuke with help of Chidori with which he hits the ground produce big blast wave which whips away most of attack. Gaara is already on gate and yells to everybody. Naruto and Sasuke finally approach him and together enter the village.
Shortly after they arrival to Gaara's office, Kankuro is entering there in hurry. He doesn't recognise Gaara's guests and after the voice he finally recognises Naruto. Gaara notices the scroll Kankuro's hand and after little problems he gets it with Naruto help. During its reading Naruto catches Gaara's mind and begs him to allow him to go to this mission. Gaara don't want, but in the end he agrees a sends Sasuke and Kankuro with him. Kankuro shortly disagrees, but he is sharply silenced by Gaara. Before leaving the village, Naruto asks Gaara how far it is. They leave village and after small argue Naruto is trying to provide faster transport and goes to talk with Kyubi.
"Hi Kyubi, How are you?" asked Naruto.
"Naruto! What do you want again?" asked peevishly Kyubi.
"Well, I want to talk."
"About what, about that dullard Sasuke?" asked Kyubi and slightly more turned red.
"Okay, I won't lie to you. Akatsuki attacks on south border," answered Naruto and waits for Kyubi reaction.
"What? They don't give peace, I will not allow them. We'll kick their buts!" shouted Kyubi and started sharp his claws.
"Hm, I don't know what Akatsuki did to you but could you..."Kyubi interrupted him.
"What, do you want taxi or what?" asked Kyubi idly.
"Ehm, yes, if you were so good," smirked Naruto.
"Well, I guess that if I don't comply you, you will not to talk with me about a week, right?" asked Kyubi with mischievous expression.
"Well, you guessed, so what?" asked Naruto.
"When you don't give it otherwise," said Kyubi.
After his dialogue he returns to reality and tells others that Kyubi provide them a taxi. Kankuro don't want but after while he also agree and they are on the way. When they are closely to the place, they are attacked.


1 JaM JaM | 13. února 2015 v 16:51 | Reagovat

Hello, thank you very much and I'm sorry I was not here so long. But I do not know how I will now. Please read the email that I sent you. Perhaps you will understand.

2 Erapetsaf Erapetsaf | 13. února 2015 v 19:04 | Reagovat

Hi JaM, thanks fo email. Me and Ayko were shocked when we read your email. We are glad that you are alright and we wish to you and especially Ronie all right  and that we think about him. We wish him speedy recovery and a lot of strenght. I will  also work on translation, but it's on you when you both will read it. Greetings for both. Era+Ayko

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