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Hi everyone,

hear Erapetsaf with her first translation of czech fanfiction. I hope you will like it and let a rewiew under the text. This is for Ronie and another readers from UK or another english speaking country.

At Hokage office
"Good morning Tsunade-sama, how did you sleep?" asked sleepily Shizune.
"Well, I didn't sleep very well, I was doing this list of mission all night," said Tsunade and looked out of the window.
"Ehm, Tsunade-sama since where are you so interested in work?" asked Shizune in surprise.
"Well, on that probably doesn't matter," answered Tsunade.
Somewhere in Konoha
"Itadakimasu," said Naruto and began eating ramen.
"So Naruto, how you like it?" asked old man impatiently.
"Great as always, old man," answered Naruto and started eating second portion.
"So thank you, Naruto, said old man and began laughing.
"What are you laughing at?" asked puzzled Naruto.
"It's nothing, I just remember when you were a little boy from the Academy," said old man and continue in laughing.
"What? I am jonin and you remember as I was at the Academy, and it's nothing?" fretted Naruto.
"C'mon, it was just a joke," said old man and pulled out another portion of noodles.
"Pretty stupid joke," said Naruto.
At Hokage office
"Message came from Suna, Tsunade-sama!" shouted Shizune when she burst through the door.
"Shizune, I'll … What, message from Suna, give it to me!" said Tsunade hen she finally awoke.
"Yes, here it is," stammered Shizune and give her the message.
"Call me Naruto immediately and let him hurry!" ordered Tsunade and strongly stamped next paper.
"Hi Tsunade-sama," said Tsunade and she vanished behind doors.
Somewhere in Konoha
"Here you have next ramen," said old man and give Naruto next bowl.
"Thank you old man," answered Naruto and started eating.
"Ehm, ehm, Naruto-sama, you have to immediately report to the Hokage," convey a message one from the group of ANBU and disappeared in the puff of white smoke followed by others.
At Hokage office
"I am here," called Naruto when he appeared at the Tsunade office.
"Finally, Gaara wants to see you and you have to hurry up," said Tsunade and looked at Naruto.
"What, Gaara wants to see me, that's not regular way at once?" said pensively Naruto and returned look.
"I cannot help it, just pack up and go to the Suna," said Tsunade and turned out.
"Ok ok, I am leasing," said Naruto and vanished.
In Suna
"Do you thing that the message came?" asked Gaara when Kankuro arrived.
"I don't know, post between us and Konoha is very problematic in recent times," answered Kankuro.
"That's true and also we are loosing good air pigeons," said Gaara and looked out of the window.
"Hm, mainly to return Kado, "said Kankuro and looked out of the window too.
"That's true, Kado is our best pigeon," said Gaara and remembered how taught Kado to fly.
"What are you thinking?" asked Kankuro.
"Nothing important," said Gaara and looked over the papers.
"Okay, I have to go, bye," said Kankuro and left.
Still in Konoha
"Socks, T-shirt, pyjamas, frog talisman, scroll, kunai, shuriken, food, drink, sleeping bag, blanket, cushion and probably nothing," said Naruto a closed bag pack.
"Oh, and briefs," shouted Naruto when he saw them on the floor.
"Knock, knock, knock, knock," echoed knocks from the door and because Naruto had everything, he took bag pack and went to the door.
"Naruto, where are you going?" asked Hinata when she saw him with bag pack.
"I am going to mission, that is something like a mission Hinata, but I am in hurry, chat do you want?" asked Naruto and locked.
"I, uh…"
"Look, sorry, I hurry and don't have time, sorry," said Naruto, kissed Hinata and vanished.
"You will be father!" yelled Hinata, but Naruto had not heard about this.
"Why did he just makes to me?" asked Hinata herself and left to Ichiraku.
At Ichiraku
"Ah, Hinata," said old man when he saw Hinata.
"Good afternoon," greeted Hinata and sit to the table.
"Where is Naruto?" asked in surprise old man.
"Hm, he…"
"A while ago he left on mission," interrupted her Tsunade.
"Tsunade-sama, what are you doing here?" asked Hinata in astonishment.
"I can jump on something good too or not?" said Tsunade and sat down at the table.
On the way
Meanwhile, when Hinata is chatting with Tsunade, Naruto tries to light a fire.
"Damn, why do not burn?" fume Naruto above the pile of wood.
"Burn campfire burn, burn flame burn, give me heat to night and burn, don't extinguish before I quench you, burn campfire burn…" sings Naruto and things that will help him.
"Damn, why the hell do not want to burn?" frets Naruto.
"Probably it would want some dry wood," said a familiar voice behind him.
Naruto whirled with kunai in his hand.
"Sasuke you, chat the hell are you doing here?" saidby surprise.
"Well, I told myself that I uncover, I follow you since Konoha," said Sasuke and waited what Naruto makes.
"And why are you following me? Do you want to kill me or why again you appeared?" said bitterly Naruto.
"Why would I want to kill you? I am your friend, or not?" said Sasuke and thought.
"Are you kidding me? From the time when you left to Orochimaru, you are friend of anybody, everybody is afraid of you after, what Orochimaru was at us and told us, what all you made for him, already with you do not talk anyone out of the village," said angrily Naruto.
"Orochimaru, what all he told to you? I tried to kill him and then run away, but it was difficult. He was still watched by Kabuto, so I killed Kabuto first and then Orochimaru, I think, I'm not sure," said Sasuke and was angry.
"Sorry, Sasuke, I didn't know that," apologised Naruto and looked to Sasuke.
"Apology accepted," said Sasuke, folded seals and shouted, "Katon: Housenka no jutsu," and they had fire.
"Sasuke, although I am jonin, but I'd never expect this from you," said Naruto.
"What, you are jonin? I suppose to catch up," said Sasuke and attached.
"Hm, I think that you have abilities of jonin, but anybody just didn't declare you on jonin," said Naruto and smiled.
"Maybe it will be so. And how has Sakura?" said Sasuke, slyly smiled and scratched his head.
"Oh Sakura-chan is good, but after when you went away, much strengthened and meeting with her, I'd rather be careful," said Naruto and remembered how they were team 7.
"Well, where are you going?" asked Sasuke.
"To Gaara, he sent best pigeon from Suna with message, that he wants to see me as soon as possible," said Naruto and thought about it.
"Well, I guess we wrap it for today?" said Sasuke and lied on the ground.
"You don't have any sleeping bag or something like that?" asked Naruto in surprise.
"Well, when I was running out of Orochimaru I didn't take much of anything," said Sasuke.
"And don't you want to borrow something?" asked Naruto.
"If you were so good, I'd like to borrow something," he looked to Naruto.
"We didn't see each other long time, that's true, but I'll trust you and borrow you something," said Naruto and pulled out blanket from bag pack.
"Thank you Naruto, you are good mate," said Sasuke and smiled to Naruto.
In the morning in Konoha
"Tsunade-sama shouldn't we send anyone behind Naruto now, when Sasuke isn't at Orochimaru?" asked Shizune and stretched.
"Why? Do you think Naruto cannot handle it, after all he is jonin," said Tsunade and took a sip.
"I didn't mean it like that but..."
"But what?" interrupted her Tsunade.
"But nothing, it doesn't matter," said Shizune and left.
"Shizune!" called Tsunade.
"Yes Tsunade-sama, what's happening?" asked Shizune.
"Immediately summon here someone from ANBU and quickly!" ordered Tsunade.

"Hi, Tsunade-sama," said Shizune and disappeared behind the door.


1 Ronie Ronie | 7. ledna 2015 v 15:35 | Reagovat

Oh, thank you very much. You are very good that you dared to a translation of the whole chapter. I hope you will continue to translate, even if this comes to me rather like a script than a nice story ... sorry. Higher chapter I like it more. The last chapter I read (15) I really liked it. Now I want to start to translate 16 .. Maybe you could begin to translate these rather new. I think it will be better to translate better than to fight with the worse. Otherwise, your English is good.

2 Erapetsaf Erapetsaf | E-mail | Web | 8. ledna 2015 v 16:38 | Reagovat

Thanks for comment. I understant what you mean in story, I know, taht the begginigs are worse than this. So I decided to translate chapter 15 and 16 and the prewious chapters sum in summary which will be added soon. I hope I add chapter 15 till the end of the next week, but I'm not sure. I have exam period now, so I have to study hard to pass them, so I don't know how much time I will have for translation.

3 JaM JaM | 15. ledna 2015 v 18:21 | Reagovat

Hi, my name is James, but otherwise JaM. I have a friend, Ronie. He recommended me your blog and also, I just read this story. I quite like it. Erapetsaf, unfortunately I kind of agree with Roni, it's like a dialogue? (I do not know if you know such concepts there with you) But yes, like with me. It's a good story. Amusing: DD Naruto not know much, but I saw a few parts. I am curious about the other parts. I'm a bit lazy and do not want to look too much into our language translation of yours, and I hope that you will continue to translate. Thank you very much.

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