21. ledna 2015 v 8:45 | Erapetsaf

Hi everyone, this message is for my english readers JaM and Ronie.

Hi, I would like to inform you about the situation of translation. Now I am trying to work in summary of the previous chapters (1 - 14), because they are worse then those new. After this I will continue in translating with chapter 15 and 16. But I don't know when I'll published it, because I am stucked with translating for this moment. I have exam period, so school is now on the first place. I hope I will publish first part of summary before the end of the first week of February, but it will depends on my time possibilities.
If you v´would like to read another of published strory, don't wory to write and I'll see if I could translate it. As you can see, the main admin Ayko decided to chang the appearance of blog. I would like to ask you how you like it?
So bye for now. Erapetsaf


1 JaM JaM | 5. února 2015 v 16:08 | Reagovat

I was in shock. Blog suffered a big change, I'm not here. But it's quite a nice design. But I do not like this menu. It's a kind of pink / purple? I do not know the color I do not like it either spurious font. But well, that's just my opinion. It is the first week in February, will be the summary or not? Otherwise, again, I was in shock, the name was RealLife. I tell , it will be ours ... but again it was, I suppose, Czech. But that's okay. I was just wondering, what is it? Otherwise, even in conclusion, I would like to say that I am not an Englishman. :-)

2 Erapetsaf Erapetsaf | 7. února 2015 v 13:33 | Reagovat

Hi JaM. I am glad that you wrote answer. Firstly, I would like say, that by sentence english reader I didn't meant that you are from England, but that you are reading this in english.
Secondly, first part of summary will surely be here till Sunday, the rest could be soon to, because we have school holiday.
I canť tell you much about Real life, because it is another Ayko story. So I will ask her what is it about and I will write it to you.
SO bye for now.

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